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The amount of concrete used in its construction (more than 12 million m³), would be enough to build 210 Maracanãs, famous stadium, in Rio de Janeiro.

 Comparing Itaipu's water volume with that of the Iguazu Falls, the maximum flow we have at the plant's spillways (62.2 thousand m³ / s) is 40 times greater than the average flow of the Falls.


 The amount of iron and steel that was used, would be enough to build more than 370 Eiffel Towers.

 It was estimated that during the construction of Itaipu, 40 thousand direct workers were needed.


 The Itaipu reservoir was formed by the Paraná River dam with 1.350 km², which is larger than the entire urban area of ​​the city of São Paulo.

 The height of the dam (196 meters) corresponds to the height of a 65 storey building.


 24 million native tree seedlings were planted in the reservoir's protection strip. It was the largest reforestation of its kind in the world..

 The flow of two turbines of the dam (700 m³ of water per second each) equals the average water flow of the Iguazu Falls, both wonders located in Foz do Iguaçu - Brazil.


 In a single day, November 14, 1978, Itaipu broke a South American record during the concreting of the dam, when 7,207 cubic meters of concrete equivalent to a ten-story building were poured into the work every hour. Or 24 buildings in the same day.