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If the visit is institutional, that is, an official visit restricted to companies, institutions, research centers, universities, and schools, it must be scheduled in advance with the Public Relations area of Itaipu. Visits take place from Monday to Friday, and confirmation is subject to Itaipu's agenda. More information: rp@itaipu.gov.br / +55 (45) 3520-6988 and +55 (45) 3520-6985 / Fax +55 (45) 3520-6622. If the visit is a tourist visit, it must be scheduled on +55 45 3198-1800. These visits are carried out every day, including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
There is no need to print the tickets, which will be collected at the place of the visit - the Visitor Reception Center, in Foz do Iguaçu. We recommend arriving half an hour in advance. To collect the tickets, you need to have the reservation number and present the following personal documents:
- Brazilians: CPF and ID card or driver's license;
- Foreigners: Passport, DNI, or RNE.
If you have any half-price or gratuity, you will also need to present supporting documents to obtain the discounts.
All tours can be purchased on the day of the visit, directly at the counter, but they are subject to availability. The Special Circuit and the Biological Refuge have very limited spaces, and for these tours, the advance purchase on the website is the best option to guarantee your tickets. In high season periods, such as holidays and the end of the year, we recommend you buy all tickets in advance through the website.
At the counters:

- Visa (credit and debit cards);
- Mastercard (credit and debit cards);
- American Express (credit card);
- Diners (credit card);
- Check (subject to approval);
- Cash (Brazilian Real only).
On the website:
- Visa (credit card);
- Visa (debit card issued by Bradesco);
- Mastercard (credit card);
- PayPal (American Express, Visa, Mastercard credit cards, or PayPal credit).

As it is a binational security area, the plant's access and security rules are very strict, with children under 14 years old it is not allowed to access internal and industrial areas, even if accompanied by parents or guardians. In this case, we advise you to take other tours, as the Special Circuit is the only one that has this restriction.