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Much more than the largest dam in power generation,

Itaipu Binacional apart from being giant,

it enchants to all by its social and environmental projects.




After the agreement between Brazil and Paraguay in 1973, the two countries assumed the mission to change the natural course of the Paraná River, to produce energy. They were changing the course of the history of the two nations, driving development, technology and innovation.

All Ten years later, turbines began to operate, which have since generated 2.4 billion MWh of energy (until November 2016). To give you an idea, if this energy could be accumulated, it would be enough to supply the entire world for 40 days, two hours and 45 minutes.

All this energy produced guarantees Itaipu Binacional the title of the largest hydroelectric plant in the world, in terms of clean and renewable energy generation. Although China's Three Gorges plant is larger in infrastructure, with an installed generation capacity of 22,500 MW of energy, while Itaipu, located in Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), has a capacity of 14,000 MW and keeps breaking records.