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Sustainable tourism


The Itaipu Tourist Complex is much more than a tourist attraction. Besides providing incredible experiences for those who visit the largest plant in the world, our management model actively contributes to the development of the region and tourist activity. Our quality management is certified by ISO 9001, with the policy of:


Offering incredible, planned, and sustainable tourist experiences.


This means that our actions aim to transform visits into unforgettable experiences, exceeding customers' expectations through the planning of activities and the sustainable use of resources.

This commitment to enchant visitors, as well as our sustainable tourism model, has already been recognized through several awards. Since the sustainable tourism model was implemented in 2007, when the Parque Tecnológico Itaipu Foundation took over the management of tourism at the plant, R$ 66 million has been raised (until September 2016).


The resources obtained with the tourist activity pay for the operation of the complex, guaranteeing the direct and indirect jobs of around 250 people. Part of this resource is destined to the Iguaçu Fund, which promotes and disseminates tourism in the region. The entire result is destined to the Technological Fund, and and applied in science, technology, culture, education, entrepreneurship, tourism and social transformation projects of the PTI Foundation.


When you visit Itaipu, you are part of these achievements. Thanks!