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Purchase your tickets in advance

For your convenience and tranquility, purchase tickets through our website. This makes it easier for you, and it also guarantees your visit, knowing that some of our attractions have limited availability.

The Itaipu Special Ride has its own safety rules

If you are going to do the Itaipu Special Ride, it is necessary to remember that you need to wear clothes below the knee, and closed shoes and without heels.

Park your vehicle in our parking lot

We have a parking lot for those who come to visit with their vehicles. Payment (R$ 20.00 per day) must be made at our counters.


Protect yourself with sunscreen and repellent

Because there is great exposure to the sun during the tours, and because green areas surround us, you must protect yourself from the sun and any insects that you encounter along the way.

Keep your baggage in our lockers

As described in our safety rules, it is forbidden to enter the plant area with large bags and suitcases. We have lockers for rent if you need to keep any of these objects. The purchase of the cards for the lockers (R$ 10.00 and you can choose for the small locker or for the large one) must be carried out at our counters.

Bring raincoats for eventual climate changes

Our panoramic bus is open, and our tours also have open, walking areas, where you can be exposed to rain. Therefore, we advise you to bring raincoats or purchase them in our store at the Visitor Reception Center.


Review safety information

Access here and review your documents and other safety items for your tour.

Take lots of photos and videos

It is allowed to take pictures, film, and take many selfies throughout the tour.

Stay connected

To share photos and videos instantly, we have free Wi-Fi for visitors.


Take souvenirs from the tours

At the Visitor Reception Center, and the Central Observation Deck of Itaipu, we have souvenir shops with customized products from Itaipu and artisans from the region, which you can buy as a gift for someone or remember your visit forever.

Satisfy your hunger in the Itaipu Tourist Complex

We have restaurants and snack bars here so you can refuel and continue your visits. Learn more in the Food section.

Share your photos and videos with #TurismoItaipu

We want to see and participate in your visit too! Share your records with #TurismoItaipu and share all your moments with us!